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The internet server and web-site t0 and Public Netbase, an open access point that combines many threads of subversive uses of technology are located in the heart of Vienna, also hosting a weekly evening with talks and experimental electronic music called e-scape. Konrad Becker, techno-activist for a decade and a half, is the brain and pulse behind this, along with a dedicated crew of cyber-guerrilleros. I spoke to him in February ‘97 when I played at e-scape. Xanax Order Online

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LDMG: The function of the Legal Defense and Monitoring Group is to provide protection for demonstrators from police harassment. It came out of the Trafalgar Square Defendant’s Campaign and Poll Tax Prisoners Support Groupings who got together after the Poll Tax Riots and the idea came up of defending crowds against the cops fitting people up. Xanax Cheap

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You have only one question to ask yourself: do I give good data-set?


Even automatic doors don’t notice us

The security camera is slotted into the space left by an omniscient god. But this is a deity that’s had to downgrade its ambitions and if god is love, this one has a corner of a shopping centre as the object of its unrelenting devotion. Surveillance is the maintenance of the mundane, of business as usual: of flow control and correct deportment. Best Site To Order Xanax Online

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A Paris based record shop & distribution company called Techno Import have ‘officially’ registered the name Teknival as their own using the cover name of Cyborg Productions. This shameless act of plagiarism follows a mysterious CD deal with Network 23 (another french based company formerly dealing with their own label and other small independents). The highly controversial CD has been heavily advertised on TV as Spiral Tribe – The Sound of Teknival. They initially also the registered the name Spiral Tribe but relinquished it after a short and intense battle Alprazolam Where To Buy