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Breakcore in the Middle East? Yes, that´s right. There are many people in Israel listening to hard electronic sound but you can hardly speak of a “scene” over there. There aren´t any DJs in the country spinning this sound and no resources for those kind of records (you´ll find some few techno/ house records). So most people get their music from Soulseek. How To Purchase Alprazolam Online

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This small report tries to show past and present of brazilian hardcore/breakcore. I have to say that I (retrigger) am gonna tell it from my point of view and this is a subjective text, based on my experiences, that’s one of the reasons that this is gonna be written in first person. It’s also gonna be written around TEMP crew history, as I don’t know anyone else doing parties or anything else like it over here. Of course, i am not making this up, so trust me, and let’s cut the crap and start.
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A little bit of splendour and inauspicious history.

“People asked me questions about tomatos robbing the vine and rotting on the vine and I had no idea what I was thinking about and abided in blank ecstasy”.
“The only cure for morphine poisoning is more morphine”.
[Jack Kerouac – Mexico City Blues 1959]

The ROMAN context doesn’t breathe quite well. It’s blocked up by the habit of a routine which offers almost the same, approximate, superficial stuff.
In spite of the indefatigable activity of a small part, we have to notice that Rome lived other periods, even short, distinguished by a deep, rebel, stired up spirit. In those periods all the people involved did the best to lead their attitudes and behaviours, honestly inclined to the transformation and the global mutation of everything around our existence and “resistance”.
The social control in its most marked issues (see the fortunately faulted attempts of police to stop the raves) has been able to refrain the intentions of many, but at the same time made harsher the intentions of the few, as us, which never gave up the fight to claim actions, facts and events filled with emancipation and freedom.
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Simon Reynolds : Energy Flash (Picador 1998)
Rob Young : Harder! Faster! Louder! (The Wire, Issue 176, October 1998)
Crash! (Sleazenation, Vol 2 issue 10, November 1998)
DHR Part one (self-published newsprint ‘98)

Solidified, black on white, the story becomes a history, simplified, made to fit a convenient discourse, a discourse that is primarily journalistic and has little to do with what is actually happening in the real world (a world that postmodern media types are confident doesn’t exist). Best Site To Order Xanax Online

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A Paris based record shop & distribution company called Techno Import have ‘officially’ registered the name Teknival as their own using the cover name of Cyborg Productions. This shameless act of plagiarism follows a mysterious CD deal with Network 23 (another french based company formerly dealing with their own label and other small independents). The highly controversial CD has been heavily advertised on TV as Spiral Tribe – The Sound of Teknival. They initially also the registered the name Spiral Tribe but relinquished it after a short and intense battle Alprazolam Where To Buy

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