No-Tek Interview (1998)

No-Tek: Three musicians: Gab, Fred and Cyril.
Gab scenic designer and he became soon a sound technician. Fred is the computer specialist of the team, and Cyril, who has been a guitarist, is specialised in the harmonic elements of the tracks, although they are all polyvalent. [Read more →]

deadly buda


datacide: Who is Deadly Buda?
deadly buda: Deadly Buda came about when I was in junior high school, I guess around the age of about 13, I got really interested in doing graffiti art, and you have sort of a nom de plume, and I went through a number. There was Frenzy, there was Fury, a lot of names that started with F, then there was Attack, there was Rage [laughs] – you see a trend here. And actually, believe it or not, Rave was one of them. [Read more →]

Interview with Mark Newlands / Bloody Fist


datacide: Bloody Fist is in a way one of the most influential labels in the hardcore scene – how do you see your position there and what’s your background?
bloody fist: Background is basically what I grew up listening to, hip hop, electro, other strange electronic music, industrial music, all that sort of thing, I kind of have a sympathy for the avant garde I suppose. What comes out on Fist is a collation of everything that I listened to when I was growing up, all thrown into one big melting pot, and I think that at least the stuff that I write is that that I just described, and the other music that comes out that we release from the other guys who write music down there is a similar sort of thing, it’s a collation of what they were listening to as they were growing up, getting into music , all sorts of things like that, beginning to experiment with machinery. That’s the explanation for what we release.
As for our position in the hardcore scene, I don’t know, and I’m not really that interested in keeping a check on that; we do what we do, and if that means we’re stuck off in a corner away from everyone else, then fine. If people are into it, if they think it’s good and it’s a worthwhile label then even better, but it’s not something we consciously work towards. If we put a record out and it doesn’t sell, then fuck it. We put it out and if we’re pleased with the product then this is fine. [Read more →]

virtual worlds & concrete STRATEGIES

The internet server and web-site t0 and Public Netbase, an open access point that combines many threads of subversive uses of technology are located in the heart of Vienna, also hosting a weekly evening with talks and experimental electronic music called e-scape. Konrad Becker, techno-activist for a decade and a half, is the brain and pulse behind this, along with a dedicated crew of cyber-guerrilleros. I spoke to him in February ‘97 when I played at e-scape. [Read more →]

Legal Defense and Monitoring Group Interview (1997)

LDMG: The function of the Legal Defense and Monitoring Group is to provide protection for demonstrators from police harassment. It came out of the Trafalgar Square Defendant’s Campaign and Poll Tax Prisoners Support Groupings who got together after the Poll Tax Riots and the idea came up of defending crowds against the cops fitting people up. [Read more →]

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