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Datacide Nineteen Coming Out in October 2023

Datacide Nineteen is at the printers and will be out shortly!

Pandemic, war, inflation, apocalyptic scenarios about climate change and artificial intelligence, all connected with widespread bonkers conspiracy narratives and growing fascist sentiments – in this crisis environment we re-emerge with a new issue.

What may appear like a ‘normal’ datacide issue – which it is indeed – is however also a part of a broader strategy. We’ve been busy expanding activities into the field of videos, documentaries and interviews. The very first signs of this are visible on our Noise & Politics YouTube channel.

There will be much more.

Datacide nineteen is now at the printers and will be available for the first time at the Hekate event at Forte Prenestino in Rome on October 6/7.

Subscribers, depending where they are based, will receive their copies soon after.

General distribution will commence later in October, our aim is to have the issue available in all the most important radical bookstores around Europe by early November. If you are interested to resell datacide in your area, please get in touch!

We will also have a table at the Radical Bookfair in London on November 4th, presenting the new magazine along with older issues.

With this issue we pick up the story where we left it with the last one. We’re unfolding a countercultural panorama, this time beginning in the mid-20th century with Howard Slater exploring the beginnings of the Electronic Disturbance Zone, multiple reflections of 1948 via the 1990s, sonic adumbrations of new social relations.

Christoph Fringeli then introduces us to a document from 1967 where situationist ideas popped up in the Extra-Parliamentary Opposition in West Berlin, in a text called Vietnam, the Third World and the Self-Deception of the Left, which contains a détournement of the Address to Revolutionaries of Algeria and of all Countries published by the Situationist International the previous year.

From 1967 we move on to 1978 with Ian Trowell, in an excerpt from his forthcoming book ‘Throbbing Gristle – An Endless Discontent’, tracking the movements of Throbbing Gristle as they play their first gig up north at the aptly named Wakefield Industrial Training College. Uncanny overlaps of the timelines of TG’s operation and The Yorkshire Ripper’s killing spree reveal themselves.

The time window from the 90s to the present day is illuminated by Nihil Fist, as we’re printing the interview previously published in video form on our YouTube channel.

This issue then moves into ficticious territory with stories and poetry by Joke Lanz, Dan Hekate, Howard Slater and Riccardo Balli. Book and record reviews follow, as do the charts and a short report of our wider activities since the last issue.

Please pre-order your copy now (6 euro incl. Shipping in Europe, 8 euro elsewhere) or, even better, take out a subscription (standard subscription for only 23 euros for 4 issues (Europe) or 3 issues (rest of the world) – or our super-subscription which includes also records, t-shirts, books and digital items.

Or just make a donation if you can’t be bothered with print, but want to support our work.

Just use the form below, or if you want to find out about other options and what projects we need money for right now, go HERE.

Thank you!

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