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After several months on white label Vile Enginez’ new release on Sub/Version is out this week – a mind trip through devilish labyrinths of a myriad of sound constructions. Vile Enginez, hailing for Basel, CH, has produced his most innovative and complex record yet – and look for his next Zhark Intl. release sometime in the future. Taking up the Sub/version project of twisting drum n bass and smashing up whatever has become standard for the genre, Vile Enginez bizarre creation clearly demonstrates his masterful production and technical skills. “Cycadelic” might be best described as creating the feeling of a black magic trip spurned on by female power gone mad – this is a track that will push everyone on the dance floor to extremes. “Tool” works perfectly with the dynamic of “Cycadelic” making a forceful totality of this 12” (played at 33 rpm). Hard-hitting beats, crazed ambiences, distorted full powered bass and rhythmic complexities abound !

Available now from


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Brainstorm brings you the next installment of wicked, tortured beats and bass to help raise funds for the printing of Datacide 10. This issue of datacide will hopefully be hitting the streets in the coming months as the final stages of its production are commencing.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support Datacide. Especially to all who created the intense experience: Parataxia, Naboa, CF, Cannibals, Nemeton, Hetzer, Rokkon, Xanopticon, Rioteer and Sanscullotes, and everyone who came out to the Scharni and otherwise helped out to make the party happen.

We documented the party and here are videos of most of the artists on the lineup:

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thanks so much for everyone who played – Hecate, Autopsy Protocol, Narcopsy, Cannibal Brothers, Nemeton and CF, and everyone who came to the party!

The next Datacide party, again a fund-raiser for the printing costs of the next issue, will take place May 31 at Scharni 38 (Scharnweberstr. 38), only a few hundred yards away from the K9…

Finally we’re making real progress to get the paper issue out!

Line up of the May 31 party will include Xanopticon and Vile Enginez!! watch out for more details soon!

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An overview of the British radical left party press.

The radical press in Britain still consists largely of the papers of the various organisations that situate themselves in the left radical milieu.
A visit in Housmans Bookshop in King’s Cross can easily yield a mostly depressing collection of papers by the saddest of organisations. What exactly is their purpose in this world? We try to find out by reading their publications. Buying Xanax Online Cheapest