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Art Kill Art label out of France asks the question “What does it mean to produce vinyl records in the digital era?” The sound artist collective Radio Free Robots explores the possibilities and limitations of vinyl records as a medium for manipulation. The white 12” is packaged with a lengthy perforated paper printout that lists a lot of technical information such as what computers and other equipment was used to produce the robot voices, when these various sound collages were performed and a statement of purpose written in several languages. The external sleeve robot graphic is one visualization of robots of the future, while the inside graphic charts frequencies and sound levels over time (cycles per second). Non-music, experimental collage, spoken word, rhythmic dissonance, or something entirely different? A radio show transmission recording or electronic sound performance? Robotic philosophical ramblings interwoven with noises, beats, glitchy metallic sounds produce a strange, provocative cacophony.

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Australian label run by members of .Of God put out a slamming record of hard drum n’ bass with dominant dark overtones. .Of God is remixed by Bad Matter on Side A – a solid track that delivers what you expect. Wickedness really comes through in “Daemons Stay in Hell” by Mystification, a tortured mix of pounding beats and black metal guitar lines by Szabolcs Szakacs (also featured on another Mystification track on Hardline Twenty) that obliterates the conventional structure of hard dnb tracks and creates devious rhythms for the dance floor. Check!

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Excellent record mixing 4/4 breakcore with hardcore, punk, metal and other elements. GVK (Martel en tete label) creates a hard-hitting 4 tracker with diy attitude that no doubt has been heard to great effect on soundsystems traveling across Europe.

Xanax Order Online

This new label out of the U.S. is a collaborative effort between Slowleak records San Francisco and the from the gut crew Detroit. Each 7” will feature artists from the Bay Area and Michigan respectively. ‘My Microwave’ by Selector Catalogue from Ann Arbor, MI opens the 7” series off right with a pounding breakcore track. Heartworm of 5lowershop Soundsystem, SF contributes ‘camate (audio cannibal mix)’ – a track without limits veering from noise intro to hyper-edited beats to hip-hop inspired interludes to violin samples and back again in a frenetic style. Massive Support 2 will feature Split Horizon and DJ Crackhouse.

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Comedy After Postmodernism: rereading comedy from Edward Lear to Charles Willeford by Kirby Olson (Texas Tech University Press, Lubbock 2001).

Walter Benjamin: overpowering conformism by Esther Leslie (Pluto Press, London 2000).

Due to the differing perspectives of their authors, Leslie’s book on Benjamin which is written from an explicitly Marxist perspective, can be read very productively alongside and against Olson’s avowedly anti-Marxist text on comedy. Both writers combine political and aesthetic positions that would be viewed by many as incompatible. Olson is in many way an old-fashioned liberal with vague anarchist leanings who is attempting to retrench the ways in which the humanities have traditionally been taught by adapting the theories of the post-68 French left figures Deleuze and Lyotard to somewhat unlikely ends. Leslie is an activist in the British Socialist Workers Party who hopes to reclaim Benjamin not just for Marxism, but quite explicitly for Trotskyism too. While Leslie correctly identifies certain similarities between Benjamin’s and Trotsky’s aesthetic positions – a state of affairs that is not entirely surprising to anyone familiar with Trotsky’s writings on art and literature – she certainly faces an uphill struggle if she hopes to make Benjamin a respected figure among the SWP rank-and-file.

Leslie has to defend Benjamin on a number of fronts, both from those who would rewrite him into philosophy, postmodernism and/or cultural studies, and others who claim there are similarities between his thought and that of German revolutionary conservatives (i.e. the strand of German fascism that disdained the Nazi Party as being too plebeian for its aristocratic tastes). Likewise, Leslie sharply criticises the cult that has grown up around Benjamin including the inappropriate use of his image Xanax Cheap

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