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All record reviews published in Datacide 1. Xanax Order Online

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In his book, The Gnostic Religion, Hans Jonas unravels the enigmatic instability which lies at the heart of alienation:
“The alien is that which stems from elsewhere and does not belong here. To those who belong here it is thus the strange, the unfamiliar and incomprehensible; but their world on its part is just as incomprehensible to the alien that comes to dwell here, and like a foreign land where it is far from home. Then it suffers the lot of the stranger who is lonely, unprotected, uncomprehended, and uncomprehending in a situation full of danger. Xanax Cheap

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Art Kill Art label out of France asks the question “What does it mean to produce vinyl records in the digital era?” The sound artist collective Radio Free Robots explores the possibilities and limitations of vinyl records as a medium for manipulation. The white 12” is packaged with a lengthy perforated paper printout that lists a lot of technical information such as what computers and other equipment was used to produce the robot voices, when these various sound collages were performed and a statement of purpose written in several languages. The external sleeve robot graphic is one visualization of robots of the future, while the inside graphic charts frequencies and sound levels over time (cycles per second). Non-music, experimental collage, spoken word, rhythmic dissonance, or something entirely different? A radio show transmission recording or electronic sound performance? Robotic philosophical ramblings interwoven with noises, beats, glitchy metallic sounds produce a strange, provocative cacophony.

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Australian label run by members of .Of God put out a slamming record of hard drum n’ bass with dominant dark overtones. .Of God is remixed by Bad Matter on Side A – a solid track that delivers what you expect. Wickedness really comes through in “Daemons Stay in Hell” by Mystification, a tortured mix of pounding beats and black metal guitar lines by Szabolcs Szakacs (also featured on another Mystification track on Hardline Twenty) that obliterates the conventional structure of hard dnb tracks and creates devious rhythms for the dance floor. Check!