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The yearly Fuckparade was taking place again in Berlin on August 22 (2009). The gathering point was Revaler Strasse, where the 17 trucks were warming up for the parade. A part of this warm up were also the obligatory speeches. For this, the Fuckparade organisers invited Hans Cousto and Dr. Motte, whose talks can be seen Get Alprazolam Online. They deserve some attention, especially what Motte had to say. Xanax Cheap

Xanax Mastercard


VENERDI’ 12 GIUGNO @ 21.00
DATACIDE CONFERENCE 01 : cultura elettronica e controcultura

DUKA: introduzione
CHRISTOPH FRINGELI: hedonsm and revolution
HANS CHRISTIAN PSAAR: kindertotenlieder for rave culture

SABATO 13 GIUGNO @ 21.00
DATACIDE CONFERENCE 02 : cultura elettronica e controcultura

DUKA: introduzione
NEIL TRANSPONTINE: a loop da loop era: towards an (anti)history of “rave”
ALEXIS WOLTON: tortugan towerblocks: pirate signals in the 90s

All datacide talks will be held in English with simultaneous translation in Italian.

This datacide event is part of Electrode 09 at Forte Prenestino in Rome. For the full lineup including parties please visit the Best Site To Order Xanax Online of Forte Prenestino and the Buying Xanax Online Reddit of Electrode 09.

Alprazolam Where To Buy

Brainstorm 2

Buy Cheap Xanax Overnight Shipping Online

Check out Neil’s review of the conference and party Buy Liquid Xanax Online