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In his book, The Gnostic Religion, Hans Jonas unravels the enigmatic instability which lies at the heart of alienation:
“The alien is that which stems from elsewhere and does not belong here. To those who belong here it is thus the strange, the unfamiliar and incomprehensible; but their world on its part is just as incomprehensible to the alien that comes to dwell here, and like a foreign land where it is far from home. Then it suffers the lot of the stranger who is lonely, unprotected, uncomprehended, and uncomprehending in a situation full of danger. Xanax Order Online

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You have only one question to ask yourself: do I give good data-set?


Even automatic doors don’t notice us

The security camera is slotted into the space left by an omniscient god. But this is a deity that’s had to downgrade its ambitions and if god is love, this one has a corner of a shopping centre as the object of its unrelenting devotion. Surveillance is the maintenance of the mundane, of business as usual: of flow control and correct deportment. Xanax Cheap

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A Paris based record shop & distribution company called Techno Import have ‘officially’ registered the name Teknival as their own using the cover name of Cyborg Productions. This shameless act of plagiarism follows a mysterious CD deal with Network 23 (another french based company formerly dealing with their own label and other small independents). The highly controversial CD has been heavily advertised on TV as Spiral Tribe – The Sound of Teknival. They initially also the registered the name Spiral Tribe but relinquished it after a short and intense battle Best Site To Order Xanax Online

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Walter Marchetti on the cover of the CD “De musicorum infelicitate” (Alga Marghen, 2000)

“…naturally music had surrounded me ever since infancy as an unquestionable and indisputable element of life, but nothing had impelled me to distinguish it from the rest of my experience”

(Franz Kafka: Investigations Of A Dog)

1. Shadowing Conceptual Art and Fluxus, Walter Marchetti is perhaps one of those many involutionary figures who have stealthily stepped only at the edges of an institutional recognition. Having been at Darmstadt in the mid 50s and with John Cage during his 1959 sojourn in Italy, Marchetti embarked upon an exploration of music that began with composing for small acoustic ensembles in a way that, using space as a rhythm, allowed for a clash of timbres and an acoustic diffusion of sound to become prominent. The concert at the Rotunda del Pelligrini, where his music was played alongside that of Juan Hidalgo, John Cage, Morton Feldman and Leopoldo La Rosa, marks a brief moment of conjunction between Buy Cheap Xanax Overnight Shipping Online