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With a new reprint of datacide sixteen, all issues starting with number 12 are now back in stock.

The reprint of our book with issues 1-10 titled Everything Else Is Even More Ridiculous will f-i-n-a-l-l-y be back in stock soon as well.

The new issue datacide nineteen is in preparation and will appear this summer.

From now till the end of June we are offering two special deals via the Praxis Store including back issues and the upcoming new issue. You can choose between receiving issues 16/17/18 now and number 19 when it comes out for only 20 euro including international shipping. Or receive issues 12-18 now and number 19 when it comes out for only 35 euro including shipping.

Receive issues 16/17/18 now and issue 19 when it comes out for only 20 euro incl. shipping
Receive datacide issues 12-18 now and issue 19 when it comes out for only 35 euro incl. shipping

Got those already? Then please consider taking out a subscription or make a donation!

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