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is a incorporeal being with a love of the severe and disturbing. Possessing immense strength, it has a mind as sharp as a scalpel, ever ready to dissect what comes its way. THE ASSESSOR assesses from afar and sometimes communicates to humans, yet it is rarely reduced to using words as it is now. If provoked it is lethal.

I, THE ASSESSOR, am dissatisfied by what I observe on earth. Disgusted, I feel compelled to descend to your level from my psychic realm of doom and use the medium of speech to communicate MY ASSESSMENT.
At certain times and places on this planet my mind used to delight in the challenging sounds emitted at subversive gatherings which you called a “techno party”. My voice used to become part of the audio frequencies, forcing you to question the structures which bound you, and making you revolt against the passivity which you should embody to keep them in place. But no more! So many of you are not listening to me any more.
Even I with my superhuman powers of communication cannot penetrate the minds of those who you term “mash up”1 . I try to interact with humans who are reduced to stumbling around, lying underfoot or vaguely moving to sounds that they are too anaesthetised to fully comprehend. You people would make me sick if nausea was something I could experience here on this mental plane. Are you sad creatures seeking escapefrom facing the pernicious forces active on this planet by way of a kind of death in life?If this is so I can tell you that I’m more than willing and qualified to oblige you! See you next free party……
At this point the words break up as THE ASSESSOR moves back towards his spiritual home – but if you’re listening hard you might still be able to hear him.

1 I use this quaint term gleaned from Datacide 2 (p.1) in the article Riot/Party, which I was shocked to realise appeared to condone such a state!

[jackal’s note: Datacide certainly never promoted to be sober. If it takes to be mash up to be unaccessible to the voice of authority – as is somewhat suggested here – it would appear to be a valid strategy, and we’d therefore condone it ?!]

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