Sub/Version 013 – Vile Enginez: Cycadelic / Tool out now!

After several months on white label Vile Enginez’ new release on Sub/Version is out this week – a mind trip through devilish labyrinths of a myriad of sound constructions. Vile Enginez, hailing for Basel, CH, has produced his most innovative and complex record yet – and look for his next Zhark Intl. release sometime in the future. Taking up the Sub/version project of twisting drum n bass and smashing up whatever has become standard for the genre, Vile Enginez bizarre creation clearly demonstrates his masterful production and technical skills. “Cycadelic” might be best described as creating the feeling of a black magic trip spurned on by female power gone mad – this is a track that will push everyone on the dance floor to extremes. “Tool” works perfectly with the dynamic of “Cycadelic” making a forceful totality of this 12” (played at 33 rpm). Hard-hitting beats, crazed ambiences, distorted full powered bass and rhythmic complexities abound !

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Top Eleven of 2007 + forthcoming releases of 2008

Top Eleven of 2007 (in no order)

Spine 01: Circuit Parallele – Umani Autodistruttivi
DM 12001: Minion – Bored in the USA EP
Praxis 43: La Peste – Safety First
Bastard Child 001: Dylan & Limewax / Dylan & Skitty – Cleansed By A Nightmare
Zhark 12016: Xanopticon – The Silver Key
Girlcum 01: Fanny – The Great American Fear Meter
Kool.Pop 12.014: Mackjiggah – On The Corner
Future Sickness 002: Current Value – Revealing The Concealed
Void 005: Diskore – Up there / Virulence
NO-TEK 012: Various – Torsion Féconde – Chromosome Y (Part One)
Death$ucker 26: Electromeca – Brutal Funk EP

Forthcoming Bombs for 2008

Praxis 44: Anonymous 12″ Series #1
Praxis 15: 3 x 12″ box set of previously unreleased materials from 1993-2003
Sub/Version 013: Vile Enginez – Cycadelic / Tool
Zhark 12018: Bong-Ra – Vitus Blister
DM 12003

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