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Silvia Biagioni’s documentary on Praxis will be shown this Friday as a part of the Program of the Globale Film Festival. The Festival is taking place at Kino Movimento from Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st, “Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise” will be screened Friday night at 21.30. Both Silvia as well as Christoph Fringeli will be there for questions/discussion.

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Ontal: Combat Engineering (Overdraw 01)
The newest release from the Serbian duo of Boris Noiz and Darko Dekode is completely storming and definitely matches our hopes since following Ontal’s music and mixes with great interest for some time. It is great to hear this on vinyl. A1 Combat Engineering is a searing, ruthless, grinding track with hard-hitting beats and industrial noise; A2 is a remix by Tomohiko Sagae, whose mixes are superb. B1 Lithosphere is a gritty, pounding abstract tune, and B2 ends it hard with Taphonomy. Definitely recommended!

Eschaton: (Token 38)
This is the first release that brings together Ancient Methods and Orphx. The tracks have been kicking around online in mixes and such for quite some time, so it was great to see the vinyl release finally come out in January 2014. Eschaton played live for the first time at Berghain in mid September 2014. We are huge fans of Ancient Method’s grinding, industrial techno, and we were greatly impacted by Orphx’s early releases on Hands like Vita Mediativa and Fragmentation on Malignant, but are less interested by Orphx’s more straight style of techno production of the last years. A1 Age of Iron is a solid techno track with a nice groove and full-blown bass; A2 Degenerate is a more subdued sound, with a slower and slightly off kilter tempo. B2 Seven Signs is the most abstract with expansive reverb, interesting clips, clinks, and other metallic sounds, which lead up to the dance oriented crescendo. This release has a lot of Best Site To Order Xanax Online

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Here we compile small number of documents – press clippings and flyers – relating to the article Cheap Xanax 2Mg from Datacide 13. Do you have documents relating to the events? If so please contact us at datacide (at) c8.com

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Tabloid paper for the ravers – or self-declared “Point of Sanity in the World of Bullshit” THE POINT with a anti-CJA headline (undated)

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