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folsom was just coming in. jackson, in his studio recognised the slam and nipped the needle out of his arm. the patented l.s.d concoction*1 had had its usual side-effect of perceived self-mass reduction and he’d spent the last 20 mins trying to get ig I or II*2 to open the door, just open the fuckin door. folsom opened it. fuckin wino’s. jackson’s studio was really an unused corridor lined with cork (mostly sheet though wine stoppers filled the grooves and corners) effective, though the stench was gut turning and a lunatics voice from t.v looped incessantly whenever i was in here “oh, (slurp, mmm) now this one gives me a rancid vinegar kick with splashs from a syphilised skunk….”.
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Zusumine has recently been outlawed in all known sectors of the outer worlds. The Inner worlds have always regarded any drug not taken anally to be illegal. For them, any human who didn’t participate in reverse enemas when partaking of their narcotics was forsaking God and should be Glasmorised immediately. [Read more →]


unique citizenship realized and spiced higher essence that pales only before the sun of the cadence of speech. caffeine linguist. having carefully edited sect tone with line which extends to the separate reels, he was about to play thee of them; [Read more →]

We can do n. . .

He’d always wanted to fuck Donna something about her breasts always had him running for the school toilets, holding in his ecstatic screams as his teenage juices hit the bathroom walls.
Now finally here they were, what he’d been waiting for in 3-d technicolour, her beautiful pungent odours filling the room as her knickers hit the floor . But when she mounted him it wasn’t her but his mother, his sister, it was Mrs Maryland screaming as she rode him. This isn’t what he wanted, and he tried to stop his mind twisting and turning. [Read more →]


is a incorporeal being with a love of the severe and disturbing. Possessing immense strength, it has a mind as sharp as a scalpel, ever ready to dissect what comes its way. THE ASSESSOR assesses from afar and sometimes communicates to humans, yet it is rarely reduced to using words as it is now. If provoked it is lethal.
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