The Realisation and Suppression of Techno

January 22nd, 2009

Uniformity breeds content breeds conformity… What were the 80’s? What was 80’s music? When D’arcangelo throw an acoustic psychogeographical spanner into the works everyone behaves like Pavlov’s dogs. I’m told that one side of their ep is “a joke” or “a waste of time”, that I should go for the noise side and ignore the other. O.k. So the label might be Rephlex, who wear their jokes to a veneer thin-ness, but now D’Arcangelo (under the name Centuria) have gone and done the same thing on that well respected label Zero Tolerance. What’s worse is that these ‘80’s mixes’ or ‘80’s compositions’ draw me in. [Read more →]

Dark… Darker… Dirty: Taxi Tracks

January 22nd, 2009

Source Direct/Doppelgänger/Christoph de Babalon/Panacea/The Advocate/Twisted Anger

“There’s a force that comes out of clashing frequencies which is to do with all the extra hum and tape hiss and reverb that shouldn’t be there” Nico Sykes: No U-Turn

Whether we call it tech-step or not, the bottom line always seems to be that the ‘music’ which activates us contains tension, rhythmic intensity, aggression and foreboding. Relays between dirge-funk and timbral density, between unknown noise and known information. Darkness can be synonymous to an appeal to the imagination, a sensitivity to the presence of psychic territories that surface melodics and oversweet harmonics only superficially activate. You either face up to it, take risks or plump for the protection of ‘idealism’. [Read more →]

Mind Invaders

January 22nd, 2009

ed. Stewart Home
[Serpent’s Tail]
This anthology edited by Stewart Home collects a selection of material [Read more →]

Datacide 2 – record reviews

January 22nd, 2009

All the record reviews published in datacide two, 1997 [Read more →]


January 22nd, 2009

Blood and Volts – Edison, Tesla & the Electric Chair
(Autonomedia 1996)
The grim and gripping story of the first electric chair and much more.Power and progress embodied by the technological death machine, proving the emerging superpower to be one step ahead and more advanced than the rest of the world. [Read more →]

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