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January 26th, 2009

On Pasolini’s Salo

The attempt to deny differences is a part of the more general enterprise of denying life, depreciating existence and promising it a death where the universe sinks into the undifferentiated
Being one of the most celebrated films that has yet to be issued with a certification by the British Board of Film Classification, Pasolini’s Salo is perhaps the most controversial of all banned films in a list that includes Clockwork Orange and Straw Dogs. In many ways it is easy to see why Pasolini’s film has created such a furore. Critically acclaimed yet hardly ever seen, Salo, from its banning in Italy to its seizure by the Met’s Vice Squad in August 1978, is possibly the most provocative and disturbing political film ever made. Xanax Order Online

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January 26th, 2009

cruising the metro on premium petrol
At a school, pretty much all of the kids came in one day having watched the same documentary the night before on telly. They are all twitching and swearing, all through the day. Whenever they can. The programme was about a boy with Tourette’s syndrome. Images of conditions such as Tourette’s gain an independent existence which often end up providing people with some interesting techniques. In the middle of a supermarket you could call a tin of baked beans a cunt.
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January 26th, 2009

Nail Bombs and Bio-Politics

Military intelligence isn’t what it used to be
but so what,
Human intelligence isn’t what it used to be either
John Cale, Sabotage

On Bank Holiday Monday May 3, jubilant headlines announced the arrest of David Copeland, a 22 year-old engineer from Farnborough, for the nail bombing of Brixton, Brick Lane and Old Compton Street. The best news of all, everyone agreed, was that the murderer had been acting alone.
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January 26th, 2009

BOMB! BOMB! BOMB! blaired the Sun newspaper headline – a public incitement to mass destruction, a mass destruction taking place, according to the Prime Minister, for humanitarian reasons. So humanitarian that Blair’s and Clinton’s bombs have considerably accelerated and worsened the refugee crisis, and brought (at least triggered/sped up) disaster over an ever larger section of the civil population already badly hurt by the civil war in Kosovo. Alprazolam Where To Buy