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OUT NOW: with 56 pages the biggest datacide so far, it’s full of features and reviews.
Secessionist Outernational: Self-Exile and Poetry, Howard Slater: Convergent Suggestion – on Surrealism and Organisation, JR: Denial Networks – On Crisis and Continuity in the 9/11 Truth Movement, Neil Transpontine: A Loop Da Loop Era – towards an (anti-)history of Rave, CF: Radical Intersections, Controlled Weirdness: You’re Too Young to Remember the Eighties – Dancing in a different time, The Reverend: More than just a Night out – Rave as confrontation, Dan Hekate: All things fall and will be built again, Rafael Castellanos: Visible and invisible fragments of experiences (About Bogotrax festival), Hans-Christian Psaar: Commodities for the Jilted Generation, Alexis Wolton: Teknival and the emancipatory potential of technology, Riccardo Balli: Audio-Philosophical Dwellings.
Stewart Home on Peter Whitehead and the Sixties, Nemeton on Boris Mikhailov’s Unfinished Dissertation, JR on “The Description of Bankruptcy”, CF on François Genoud, Nemeton on “Everybody talks about the Weather… We don’t: The Writings of Ulriike Meinhof”, Balli on “Situationism on Wheels”, CF on “Battlenoise!” and the ideology of Martial Industrial, Plus record reviews, charts, Bloor Schleppy, End of Vinyl?, Pencilbreak and more.
available for EUR 4.00 from now
or from good stores and mail orders soon!

Note: Datacide 10 is no longer available as single copy, but the whole issue is featured in the collection Buying Xanax In Australia.

Online you can access most of the content by going Xanax Order Online.

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  • Datacide Ten Release Date: 31 October 2008. 56 Pages. Datacide: Introduction Terry Ordo: Eng-Land Secessionist Outernational: Self-Exile and Poetry Secessionist Outernational: Secessionist Outernational Howard Slater: Convergent Suggestion - Notes on Organisation and Surrealism Nemeton: On Mikhailov's "Unfinished Dissertation" JR: Denial Networks - On Crisis and Continuity in the 9/11 Truth…
  • datacide four Release Date March July 1998. 24 Pages. Luther Blissett: Let the Children Play 1 Luther Blissett: Let the Children Play 2 Luther Blissett: Let the Children Play 3 Howard Slater: The Western Howard Slater: Minimal Apertures (Insert to The Western) Matthew Hyland: Plague in this Town Datacide: No-Tek…
  • datacide one Release Date: March 1997. 20 Pages. Mark Spiral: Teknival - Summer Thunder datacide: Test Tube Kid Interview Matthew Fuller: Lab Rats a go-go London Psychogeographical Association: "I am an alien (wo)man...I beheld the life and the life beheld me." The Great Book of the Mandeans KW: Garbage People…

Datacide Author: Buy Cheap Xanax Overnight Shipping Online

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