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The results are out and so is the mainstream analysis (and sorry for posting this a little bit late – you may have already forgotten). As a result of the May 1st elections, England and Wales have gone through a right wing shift, Boris Johnson has been elected mayor of London, and the Tories are on a roll to win the next General Election.

So what, you may think after the transformation of the Labour Party into “New Labour” there surely is very little difference between the two main parties in Britain. Many aspects of Thatcherism have been perpetuated by the Blair government, nothing whatsoever has been retracted or turned back. The poll tax fell when the Tories were still in power, the council tax was not abolished by Labour, nor were the amendments to the Criminal Justice Act 1994 revoked. Of course not. Get Alprazolam Online

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Praxis Records Interview conducted by Joel Amaretto, published in German Techno monthly Frontpage in January 1995

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Wir schreiben das Jahr 1995, und die Karten werden neu gemischt. Neue Szenen bilden sich und neue Innovationen bahnen sich langsam aber sicher ihren Weg. Im vergangenen halben Jahr entstand in Europa ein neuer Underground, der im Hardcore nicht nur einen aggressiven Gegenpol zu Trance, Hardtrance, House und Langweiler-Acid sieht, sondern auch eine politische Ausdrucksform. Die Protagonisten dieser Bewegung verstecken sich in den Vororten von Paris (Gangster Toons Industry, Explore Toi), Berlin (Digital Hardcore Recordings, Capital Noise), Hamburg (Cross Fade Enter Tainment), Frankfurt (PCP, Kotzaak), Kaiserslautern (Napalm) und vor allem mit Praxis Records im Londoner Stadtteil Brixton, wo mit Christoph Fringeli der ideologische Übervater dieser jungen und Außenstehenden schwer zugänglichen Szene sitzt. Joel Amaretto sprach mit dem gebürtigen Schweizer über die nächste bevorstehende Revolution.

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An overview of the British radical left party press.

The radical press in Britain still consists largely of the papers of the various organisations that situate themselves in the left radical milieu.
A visit in Housmans Bookshop in King’s Cross can easily yield a mostly depressing collection of papers by the saddest of organisations. What exactly is their purpose in this world? We try to find out by reading their publications. Alprazolam Where To Buy